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NBN Update

Fixed wireless


"Because of the size of our country, we will need to use fixed wireless and satellite technology to connect those premises that do not fall into the fibre footprint.

We will utilise fixed wireless technology because we can develop a reliable service by building a network for a more predictable number of users in a given area. The antennas used are generally fixed and installed so that they are directed towards the fixed wireless base station.

This technology will be available in specific areas as part of our suite of technologies to ensure we can provide high-speed broadband to all Australians." quote from ABN web site PDF

ACN is now offering NBN services to eligible residential and small business customers. Check if NBN is available in your area here.

If NBN is not yet available, 
simply register your details below. ACN will contact you with information on the NBN rollout when it is available at your location.

Please fill in our form to register your interest in the NBN.

​Also browse all our products & services that we have available for you. ​

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The ACN Opportunity: Right Place, Right Time


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