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Internet ADSL, 1, + 2. A big problem in Australia

ADSL 1 + 2 A big problem in the Hunter Valley and perhaps in your area as well.
Internet connections are in trouble.
Telstra the main internet supplier do not have any ports available and say will be many many years away.
Branxton, Greta, Singleton, Scone , Muswellbrook, Upper and Lower Hunter Valley areas where I have helped and assisted many with many failed attempts. What the government is doing with the NBN have placed all other services in the dark and limbo.

ADSL 1 + 2 is in huge trouble due to the change. As no company will spend the $ required on a service that will not be available after 2017 when every one in Australia will have available the NBN ?
Since the our new government have been in charge NBN has slowed down with the roll out to an almost crawl.
So what can we do?

(First) You need to register for NBN today- Go to my site and register for NBN as this may hurry up the system roll out and with All Community Network (ACN) power the better.

(Second) ACN ( my service partner ( www.ean.acndirect.com ) have fully complained to all that we can, we are hoping to have some sort of answer very soon to this troubled service.

(Third) ACN is the largest communication service in the world and services that will blow your mind are coming soon. Have a good look at our products at my Storefront
Kind regards,

Web: My office or My Store
Mobile: Ean: 61 0434540994

The ACN Opportunity: Right Place, Right Time


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