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How it all happened

Just a little up date for today

I am now home safe and sound, with a corrected artery corrected with a stent or two in-place.
How it all happened. Last Thursday 28th November I was riding the postie bike on small run, I only do a few hrs each day and about 10.30 am I started to get tight in the chest, felt like an apple had stuck in my chest, except I did not eat an apple at all. An hour later the pain increased and my left arm a throbbing and I became a little disorientated missing a few letter boxes on the run. So I laid down on the ground under a tree and on an ant nest, calling up our team who were delivering parcels in the area to assist. When they arrived they call the ambulance and off I was take to Maitland Hospital within a few minites. Yes I was having a heart attack and Yes I did have a heart attack, And yes I do have a heart some would say. On Monday at Lake Macquarie private hospital Dr Collins inserted two stents into my right artery as it was blocked 90% by Coronary artery disease. The operation took only 1 hour and now all is well. I had no damage to the heart and I was praised by all the Drs and staff for the good sense to come in as soon as possible when I start to have pain. Thanks to our great staff Wendy and Pat as they need the praise instead of me for doing so.
So now it is rest time for a while and a change in life style. No more stress, No more cigars, No more junk food and loose a little weight, as I am a little heavy for my height. LOL
All this change will be great any way as I had already started in doing this change before this happened, now I have a greater need to succeed.
I wish to thank all my friends and family for there wishes and I pray that you remain to be healthy and safe. To my fantastic wife Jo who puts up with me and yes I love with all my heart.
Listen to any changes to your body and health as you never know what is around the corner and we need to be around to enjoy our life as long as possible don’t we.
Love to you all that read this little note. Ean R Dunkley

Kind regards,

Ean & Jo (Joanne) Dunkley.
Web: My office or My Store
Mobile: Ean: 61 0434540994
Jo: 61 0432375945

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2 thoughts on “How it all happened

  1. Phil Garland on said:

    Good to see that all’s well with you hope the recovery and rest will help get you back on your feet soon

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