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$50 million cheat sheet summary: From Darren Hardy

  • Always be willing and eager to help others with an introduction or your time.
  • Be proud of where you came from and share that with others.
  • Compliment the achievements of those around you. And do it with a smile.
  • In conversations search for a common ground. It may take a while, but there is surely something to bring you closer.
  • Use your Rolodex wisely and only for the right person at the right time, for the right cause.
  • Make sure you understand what the person you want help from has to gain from it.
  • Don’t create walls between your personal and professional lives. It is one big network of people.
  • OK, so let me make this easy for you; here’s your $50 million cheat sheet summary:1. Give.

    2. Be real.

    3. Compliment.

    4. Find commonality.

    5. Use your network sparingly.

    6. Think WIIFT—What’s In It For Them.

    7. Be authentically YOU, always.

    “The richest people in the world look for and build networks,
    everyone else looks for work.”

​Special thanks to Darren Hardy for the $50 Million Cheat Sheet

Follow him on the below link.


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The ACN Opportunity: Right Place, Right Time


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